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Woman overwhelmed by papers for online education

Online classes can be a blessing, offering flexibility and convenience to students juggling work schedules and other obligations. Students returning to school are often surprised to find they don’t need binders, notebooks and heavy textbooks since everything is available online. However, you have to keep your digital life organized if you want to achieve online school success.


A student uses her computer to earn her multidisciplinary studies degree online

Are you interested in so many things that you can’t pick just one?

Have you taken college classes before and need a degree that lets you use as many of those credits as possible?

A multidisciplinary degree may be the perfect choice for you. An online multidisciplinary studies degree gives you the flexibility to fit degree requirements to your needs and passions without having to commit yourself to a single area of study.


Female systems engineer working on computer network hardware

The online Master of Science in Systems Engineering program at UTEP prepares students for the job market by combining International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) standards with hands-on learning. Every student completes a practicum before graduating to gain real-life experience.


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