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Between the responsibility of raising a family and working a job, you might think that you are way too busy to go back to school. This perceived barrier stops many would-be students from pursuing an education. But what if you could earn a degree and fit your studies into your busy schedule without having to attend class on campus? Earning a degree online eliminates the need to find time to go to campus, allowing you to better juggle the responsibilities of adult life.

If you have recently departed the military or will be doing so in the near future, you might be worried about making the transition to civilian life. As a civilian, you deserve to find a career doing work you enjoy that will also allow you to provide for yourself and your family. What you might not realize is that your past military training and life experience could open many doors in terms of careers for military veterans. Combined with this experience, getting additional education via a UTEP Connect degree program can prepare you to enter a career of your choosing after your military service.


This isn't your father's advertising industry. In fact, it's not even your older sister's. In a virtual blink of an eye, the entire advertising industry had been turned on its head, moving from favoring newspapers, radio and television to including search engines, websites and social media. This paradigm shift has opened up a world of opportunities for students interested in an advertising career. But to take advantage of all a career in media advertising has to offer, you need a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. 

One of the best ways to achieve both is to earn a media advertising degree online. 


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