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4 amazing study corners you'll want to copy right now

There are all kinds of challenges associated with continuing your education while juggling other responsibilities such as work, family and friends. While online classes make it easier to earn your degree around your busy schedule, getting coursework done and staying on track requires focus and dedication.

Designing a good study corner can help make that happen. It should contain everything you need to study effectively, while minimizing distractions as much as possible.

Here are four great study corners that will help you achieve your goals as a student.

Bedroom study nook

In a small apartment or a busy house, your bedroom might be your only choice for study space, and that's OK!

To create an effective study space, you'll need to devote an entire corner of your bedroom to this one purpose, which might require some rearranging. Choose the corner that best lends itself to a sense of privacy, and use furniture to create a quiet nook. For instance, tall bookcases from Walmart or IKEA offer an inexpensive way to block out distractions. Additionally, be sure to position your desk so that you're looking away from anything distracting.

Basement study corner

Study corner for online classes

If you live in a busy household and aren’t thrilled by the prospect of turning your bedroom into a study zone, the basement may be your best option.

Ideally, your study area will be in an entirely separate room, but if that’s not possible, you can still maximize privacy with a careful layout. Choose a place that’s as far away from a family gathering spot or children’s play area as possible, and use tall bookcases as a physical barrier for even more separation. These also have the added benefit of muffling sound from other areas of the basement. If you end up having space to work with, bring in a larger desk to give yourself more of an opportunity to spread out.

Flex-space study spot


Study corner at home for online classes


Many modern apartments and houses have "flex space" undesignated for any one use. This may run the gamut from a full-scale den to a nook in an open floor plan.

Turning your flex space into a study corner will take some creative planning, especially as flex space is generally found in common areas of the home that are ripe for distraction. Minimize disturbances by using furniture to block off the area, and be sure you're facing away from the TV, the kitchen counter and other high-traffic spots.

Dedicated study area

Dedicated study corner at home for online classes

With walls and a door to shut out unwanted distractions, a dedicated home office will likely be your most successful study space. Before concluding that you don't have an extra room available, consider whether any rooms could do double duty. For instance, a guest room, a workout room, a dining room or even a butler's pantry could moonlight as a study.

Next, look for furniture that can serve the room's dual purposes. For instance, some beds can be converted into sitting space or fold away entirely, while desks can be cleared off for food prep once your studying’s done.

There are many different ways to set up a study corner, but no matter which you choose, it’s important to create a distraction-free zone. Insulate yourself from the TV, kids, pets and other household disturbances, and you’ll be setting yourself up for study success.

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