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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. At least that’s what a lot of college graduates would have you believe. The connections made during schooling can help catapult your career, but what if you pursue an online degree? Can you still foster those connections that help in your future career? Will you still bond with fellow students and open your social circle?

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The biggest advantage of online degree programs is that your classes and study time are largely based on your schedule, not the university’s. That makes online education more inclusive for those of us who work and have active families. In a recent survey, UTEP Connect professors were asked to define the habits of successful students. In addition to having an active online presence, our professor noted that creating a good work and study environment is important. But when is the best time for you to study – at day’s end or day’s beginning? What do professionals advise?

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Between the responsibility of raising a family and working a job, you might think that you are way too busy to go back to school. This perceived barrier stops many would-be students from pursuing an education. But what if you could earn a degree and fit your studies into your busy schedule without having to attend class on campus? Earning a degree online eliminates the need to find time to go to campus, allowing you to better juggle the responsibilities of adult life.

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