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UTEP’s suite of online programs was launched in 2015 with the goal of providing access to an exceptional higher education to a diverse, nontraditional, underserved audience including military service members and adult learners who are unable to come to campus. Extended University coordinates back-end services for these programs with UTEP’s academic colleges. Extended University also oversees the activities of UTEP’s Professional and Public Programs and, as of September 1, the Center for Instructional Design.

All the online programs offered are of the same great quality and academic rigor as face-to-face degree programs and are taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus courses. One other unique aspect of our online programs is that we firmly believe that all online students should have access to the same services as our on-campus students. Therefore, we provide personalized guidance to students during each stage of their interactions with us: an enrollment counselor helps students through the application process, at which point a student success advisor guides UTEP students through their program.

Enrollment Counselors

UTEP Connect has interested applicants from all over the globe. Their needs are all different, and because of distance and/or scheduling cannot come to campus to investigate their options. Our Enrollment Counselors serve as recruiters and admissions counselors for prospective online students. They help prospective graduate and undergraduate students understand the nature of online learning and determine the program that is best suited for their personal goals. They also guide applicants through the application process and provide basic financial aid information. Meet our Enrollment Counselors

Student Success Advisors

Online students can feel very isolated and many students struggle to stay motivated throughout their course of study. UTEP Connect Student Success Advisors promote student retention through advising and mentorship. They provide students with degree advising, support resources, encouragement and timely reminders. Our advisors communicate with all students as coaches and provide the necessary tools students need to successfully complete their online degrees. Meet our Student Success Advisors

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